Do you want to work with me individually? 


Individual practice

I liked everything: the practice of Assan, pranayamas and my attempts at meditation. I was particularly impressed by my work on a shoulder injury that I received diligently doing yoga with other teachers. Alena was able not only to help get rid of the discomfort, but also to exclude the cause. Another strong impression left from the lectures. An integral approach combining Classical Yoga of different schools with modern scientific knowledge convinced me that I had chosen the right teacher. Thanks to Alena for her breadth and professionalism.

Let's practice together

What do you get in private lessons?

An individual approach is an activity tailored entirely to your needs, constitution and health characteristics.

I use my entire arsenal of techniques to achieve the desired result for you.

Yoga - therapy and hataha yoga 

Complex of asanas for your better well-being.

Movement and static treatment with detailed explanation.

Pranayama and meditation

We are dealing not only with the gross body, but also with the subtle body.

We cleanse and open the pranic channels.

Working with energy blocks

I use P. Levin's psychosomatic method to work through your blocks caused by negative emotions and trauma. Through talking and observing bodily sensations.

Why I love individual work with people

Because here a special deep connection is formed between me and the student-client. And we heal each other not only with exercises and techniques that we perform together, but also exchange energy of a more subtle order. And this exchange takes place not only during the lesson, but also after it. We can say that we have a common subtle body that nourishes both of us.

Why do others recommend individual work with me

Because you can get exactly what you need in no time.  

Volkha Mikhovich

I can’t love you!

I am delighted with Alena's ability to feel my state, tune in to my rhythm and adapt the practice so that I can go exactly to the mood of the body and mind that I am striving for now. Her deep knowledge of body work helped me stay on track after a leg injury and made my recovery as fast as possible. Alena is a knowledgeable and experienced, flexible and empathic teacher. 

Kirill Yarko

Yoga with Alena is meditation

Each session is a small journey into the magical zone of self-observation. Each personal lesson with Alena is the development of the skill to hear the real oneself. No impurities and attention-grabbing unnecessary conversations in the locker room. Such a development of the skill to immerse yourself Put your mind into a trash, and without stopping, pay attention to yourself, take care. It is very valuable and timely for me.

Natalia Pirman

Alena inspires me!

Thanks to our one-to-one lessons, I got what I wanted. The back stopped hurting, the priest became stronger and tighter. And meditation and pranayama made me calm and confident. The course was clearly a success. Now I am doing a video course on my own. 

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