Do you want to immerse yourself in the world of yoga with me from Hatha to Tantra? 


What will you get in my classes and courses

You have the opportunity to learn the basics of hatha yoga, yoga therapy as a student - user or instructor, as well as meditation, Ayurveda, pranayama and even tantra.

Hatha yoga and therapy

I show and tell the main points of asana sharpening and select exercises so that you can heal yourself and develop your body without touching my hands.


When the mind and body are ready, we begin work with attention, the ability to deep and long-term concentration. Extending new neural connections in the neocrtex.

Breathing practices

The next stage is the development of the lungs and the ability to control your breathing and attention in the body. Practice gives a lot of energy and health, stability of the mind.

Tantra yoga

Now we are ready to work with energies and a subtle yogic body that we can awaken in ourselves. Get superpowers and manage your life.

My classes and seminars 2020 - 2021

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What my clients say

Oksana Gonchar


Thank you very much for the lessons for advanced students! ? I have been studying with Alena since summer, before that I had yoga only as a physical exercise, but I always wanted to find a person who would introduce both the philosophy of yoga and work on subtle levels. I am glad that online training opportunities have opened up.

Now, when the level of stress goes off scale, on the contrary, I notice that I have become calmer and began to notice that I do not immerse myself in negative emotions, but really note them, I analyze and control them, and not they me, and this is a real wow effect. There is, of course, where to grow, there is also a kindergarten in yoga, but when there is a person who helps, this, of course, speeds up and simplifies the process)???

Tatiana Shiyan


Yoga classes with Alena have a positive effect on my spine and chest, this is the most important thing for me. 

The breathing technique we carry out at each lesson gives me inner harmony with the body. The health of the body as a whole, as well as improves the quality of life in society.

With Alena, there is a feeling that I am developing spiritually. This is something subtle, but nourishing and important between us.

After class I feel filled with sunshine.

Alena manages to pay attention and notice everyone. Indicate inaccuracies and inspire practice with interesting lectures and exercises.

There is always something new and interesting with her.

Oksana Pavlichenko


Alena explains everything clearly and easily, psychologically it is easy to study. If you do not give up, delve into and be sure to try - the result will definitely be! 

She took a course in Ayurveda and a course for yoga teachers with her.

All knowledge is useful and applicable in life. Immediately I started to practice everything and I am very pleased with the results. Alena's knowledge and techniques are unique and rare.

I also want to take a course on pranayama and meditation.

The main topics / essence of my classes and courses is Jnana yoga

You will be able to change your body, state of mind and life imperceptibly, with interest and inspiration. "Jnana" - in Sanskrit means knowledge. It is this knowledge that heals us at all levels from the physical to the subtle.


Hatha yoga - body yoga

Why does body yoga work online?
Because I use a detailed anatomical description of what you need to do and I use special rehabilitation combinations of movements that you correct after me. The good results of my clients are proof of the effectiveness of the techniques.


Internal techniques: pranayama, meditation, tantra

This is a unique opportunity today to get authentic yoga techniques right in your home. My 10 year travels in India and the best spiritual teachers in the world have shaped the programs that I give in the courses today. In addition, I only give what gave me results and what I can scientifically confirm.



I have been studying Ayurveda in parallel with yoga for over 13 years and I believe that it is difficult to achieve harmony in body and mind without Ayurveda. Therefore, I conduct various courses and practices on this topic. Diet, lifestyle, life-prolonging herbs and spices, cleansing techniques - all this makes our life healthier, which means we have more energy to create ourselves and life around.


Yoga Teacher Course

For those who want to teach under my supervision or improve their professional yoga skills and knowledge. There is this course, it includes everything a master needs: history, philosophy, yoga therapy, traditional yoga and rehabilitation. Suitable for those who want to go deeply and understand yoga and related disciplines.

About me

I am a doctor and a rehabilitation therapist by education, the founder of the Shanti Yoga Studio, the author of the "Shanti school" methodology (training instructors with a yoga-therapeutic bias).
I have been practicing yoga since 2007. My education:

Yoga therapy.

  • completed 200 hours of yoga therapy training at Desikachar school (son of Krishnomacharya),
  • 100 hours of Munusami Madhavan (Sivananda tradition),
  • attended Agapkin's seminars (50 hours),
  • completed a refresher course in yoga therapy at the Frolov Institute (100 hours).

Vinyasa yoga .

  • completed the course of V. Malinovskaya (100 hours)
  • studied in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya - Pattabhi Jois (70 hours under the guidance of Mark Derby and David Svendson),
  • at the Patanjali yoga school of master Seshadri (student of BNS Aengar and Pattabhi Jois) (50 hours),
  • "School of Yoga 108" by Mikhail Baranov and Ilya Zhuravlev (300 hours).
  • She improved her qualifications in Ayurveda with Professor A.N. Narayanan Nambi - Director of SNA Academy, Kerala, India (100 hours).
  • Certified as a E-YTT 500  with the American Yoga Alliance. 2021 Bali.

Philosophy and Sanskrit.

  • She took courses in Advaita Vedanta (84 hours) with Swami Paramatanandana in Resikesh.
  • Has been studying Sanskrit and Sutras of Patanjali for the second year with Sanskritologist Yulia Kravchenko


  • Vipassna Course in India, Dhamalaya Center (100 hours)
  • Anapanasati Meditation in the Forest Sangha Tradition (38 hours)
  • Advanced course of meditation and pranayama M. Baranov (50 hours)

Medical and scientific experience.

  • Has a higher medical education: KhNMU 2004-2010; Physician's diploma in physiotherapy exercises;
  • Laboratory assistant at the Department of Neurology and Post-Stroke Rehabilitation of Patients, KhMAPE (2010-2011)
  • Scientific degree: Master of Physical Rehabilitation of the Kharkov Academy of Physical Culture. Participated in the creation of teaching materials for students of the Physical Academy of Culture in Kharkov.

Who are my classes and courses for?

My classes and seminars are for people who want to have a healthy body, flexible and strong mind, which can be controlled at will.

For those who want to control their power of desire, the power of action and the power of knowledge, to build themselves and their lives as they want.

Why my courses and classes will give you what you need.

The uniqueness of my methods lies in the fact that I use a holistic method: I combine traditional yoga, tantra, medicine, psychology and other scientific disciplines.

All techniques have been passed through themselves and are confirmed by hundreds of my clients.


Courses and classes include all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual development.

Everything has a scientific and practical basis.

I use an individual approach a lot and select point techniques for specific topics of classes or problems to be solved.

Still have questions?

How to choose the right course for yourself?

How quickly will I get the results?

Is it possible to simply improve your health with yoga?

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