This is my story

I want to tell you what led me to regular and deep yoga classes

This was my life before ...

I was a sick girl after graduation with scoliosis, back pain, biliary dyskinesia, depression and frustration from moving to a big city and a difficult study at the Medical University.

Now I understand that I was not at all aware of my potential and my desires. As if a cap was put on me, in which the world is hard to see and hear, and most importantly it is hard to see and hear oneself in this world.

In my first year at the University, I finally decided that I needed to do something to improve my well-being. And chose a yoga class at a local fitness center.

My first acquaintance with yoga.

I remember my meeting with Ashtanga's teacher, David Svendson.

This person seemed to me to be luminous and from another planet. I was impress by his energy and presents

Today people are also looking at me like this, and you know, there are no secrets. It is all about correct and regular yoga practice.

The main thing in yoga for me is inspiration and love for my teachers, this is what my regular practice is based.

A year later, I went to India and started studying there besides hatha and vinyasa yoga: pranayama, meditation and philosophy.

Then Yoga-Therapy of the Russian-speaking scientific institute of Artem Frolov. 

The meeting with the "Yoga108" school was bright and exciting for my consciousness.

Ilya Zhuravlev and Misha Baranov are my closest teachers to this day. In the flow of their knowledge and states, I feel spiritually at home, they are my inspiration and soul nourishment.

Also my Gurus are my Sanskrit and philosophy teacher Yulia Kravchenko and yogi Doctor Munusami Madavan till now days.

How my life has changed now

Today I have become as radiant and healthy as my teachers, who once inspired me to take the path of yoga.

I was able not only to heal my body and remove the effects of scoliosis, biliary dyskinesia and vegetative-vascular dystonia thanks to yoga therapy, but also change my state of mind, get out of the conditioning of my limitations and fears, childhood and generational traumas thanks to meditation and pranayama. 
I have many wonderful yoga projects, such as an author's studio and a yoga school for students and teachers known in Ukraine and Europe, Asia, America and Indonesia.

I live in bittwen Bali and Europe and continue to conduct my yoga therapy and educational activities here. I work with people online all over the world and travel to shear my knowlige end yoga expirienc.

And if you ask me how I came to this level of health and energy, I will say that it is thanks to yoga, the power of my teachers. And this is not a miracle - it's just my sincere interest and passion for the yoga tradition, which turns into a regularity of practices and a result.

My mission: health, science, knowledge,

spiritual awakening.

I know that I can heal people with movement and asanas with meditation and pranayama techniques, scientific methods. And I do it with pleasure.

I love to give people the opportunity to touch the ancient knowledge of yoga, India itself (which I consider my spiritual mother) and other places in the world with strong energies.

Probably my favorite thing is to lead people to awareness, creative fors of living life and liberation from the programs and fears of the Ego.

I love to share those paths that were useful to me in my spiritual jorney to my Self.