January 21-23 weekend

"Silent Retreat"

 Brahma Vihara - Buddhist Temple for traditional Vipassana meditation


Join our mindful healing retreat! 


Brahma Vihara Temple. Buddhist Temple for traditional Vipassana meditation.

In the North of Bali, Lovina.


21-23 of January (3 days, 2 nights).

Escape the daily busy routine and recharge in just 3 days, gain clarily and serenity of mind.

For who? 

For those who want to learn deep but easy meditation.

And also experience pranayama and hatha yoga techniques as a preperation for meditation.

All levels are welcomed.


Welcome Everyone! I am Alena - your guide into the world of Yoga and Meditation.

I used to work as a physician in rehabilitation center. This experience gave me a  solid foundation to turn my passion for yoga into a career.

I studied authentic yoga with great masters such as Deshekachar (School of Krishnamacharya, Chennai), Sheshadri (Mysore school of Krishnamacharya), Madhavan (Shivanada school, Tamil Nadu)  in India and modern teachers M. Baranov and I. Zhuravlev in Russia.

I am a founder and methodologist of the Shanti yoga studio in Ukraine since 2016 and a teacher at Shanti training school of yoga therapy. I am a facilitator of yoga workshops, masterclasses and multiple yoga retreats around Indonasia, Ukraine and India for over 10 years.

 My certifications

YTT 500 hours "Yoga 108", Moscow, Russia;

YTT 500 hours "HOM", Ubud, Bali;

 YTT 200 hours KYMandiram, Chennai, India.

 I am happy to share my experience with you.


Hello beautiful people! I am Maria!

I am a certified yoga and yoga therapy teacher. Originally from Ukraine, I have spent many years in Asia, studying local culture and traditions, practicing self-development and self-discovery through various spiritual practices and meditations.

My journey into yoga has started over 7 years ago. My experience and practice brought me to the spiritual approach based on traditional Indian yoga, combined with the scientific one, based on yoga therapy.

Certificates and trainings

Yoga teacher training course at Yoga School "Yoga 108", 200 hours, Moscow, Russia;

American Yoga Alliance "HOM" Yoga Teacher Training Course, 200 hours, Bali, Indonesia;

Yoga therapy course Yoga School "Shanti School", 100 hours, Bali Indonesia.

I am exited to meet you all!

We are in motion

Retreat program


Hatha / Vinyasa flow yoga (asanas)

We will practice flow yoga for 1.5-2 hours twice a day, affecting the main points of strength and flexibility in the body. Our sequences are non-traumatic and physiological, as they take into account the anatomical and kinesiological features of the body, based on the knowledge of medicine and rehabilitation.

Classes will give you strength, flexibility and ease and naturalness of movement at the same time, due to the correct counterposes of asanas and the return of muscles to their physiological length.


Traditional pranayama 1-2 times per day

We will study pranayama as a traditional Indian breathing technique. More precisely, traditionally - pranayama is practically a meditative technique with a golden ratio of  1-4-2-1 - inhalation - pause -exhalation-pause.

The techniques we transmit are secret and it has begun to spread only in the last 10 years.


Meditation: dharana, dhyana, bhavana. 1-3 hours per day

We will practice concentration, mindfulness and reflecting.

We will use both - the traditional yogic stages of concentration according to the Patanjali system (pratyahara - dharana - dhyana) and the Buddhist techniques of mindfulness-awareness: anapanasati, bhavana, vipasana.

Practices will be given in a fairly gentle mode but at the same time they will have deep and effective impact due to the certain keys of techniques.


Methodology of meditation and Philosophy of awakening.

We will be spending evenings having sincere conversations and exchanging life experiences. 

Why others recommend to do a reteat with us

Irina Gorodnichaya

Insta @irina_gorodnichaya

Julia Shark

Insta @julkashark

Sofia Bulakh

Insta @sofia_bulakh

What will you get in the end?

  • Stronger and more flexible body 
  • Energy fullness 
  • Understanding of asanas adjustment
  • Healthy and fast metabolism
  • Understanding of pranayama features
  • Deep knowledge of yoga
  •  Knoledge on how to meditate long and easy
  •  Useful insights and new states of consciousness
  •  Connection with like-minded people
  • Nourishing and motivation for personal yoga practice


All inclusive 3 days

  • Food
  • Basic Accommodation 
  • Lessons

Share price for 2 person

  • Basic Accommodation
  • Lessons
  •  Food

Why others recommend to do a reteat with us

Diana Chemodakova, USA

 I’ve joined the retreat to receive sacred knowledge about yoga and energies. Alena is an incredibly knowledgeable person. Daily lectures, conversations, deep meditations, tantric practices, and also visits to the places of power, brought me to new realizations, new experiences, a new me. Since then, spiritual practices and meditations have firmly entered my routine.

Kirill Yarko, Kiev

Despite the pandemic I was lucky to be at the right place in the right time. A good structured schedule and program of our Yoga Retreat, as well as sacred places that we’ve visited, had deep influence on my personality. I went back home refreshed, inspired and fulfilled. Thanks to teachers for their professionalism. 

Vasilisa Moruga, USA

It was my first 10-days yoga retreat. Yoga philosophy, asanas practice and traveling to the most beautiful and non-touristic sacred places in Bali made this retreat very powerful. I’ve received new sensations, impressions and deep insights that I’ll be reflecting for a long time.

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